The most efficient delivery platform

We utilize our network of commuters for delivering packages, cars or bikes

Why it matters

In a 2 million US city, same-day deliveries are causing 20 000 km of delivery traffic and 3 tons of CO2 emissions every day. Traffic caused by deliveries is growing 15% every year. It's about time to make deliveries more effective.

uDeliver makes same-day deliveries cheaper, faster and environmentaly friendlier because packages are delivered by commuters on their way from work or school.

How it works

We take a delivery request and match it with our existing network of verified commuters, who would have the minimum detour for delivering a small package on their way from work or school.

The cost of delivery is not determined by delivery length or time, but by the detour, a commuter would have to take.

Commuter earns money for a small detour and customer gets a small package delivered same day for a cheaper price.

Future usage

Our platform isn't restricted to parcels only. We can help your car rental, car sharing and bike sharing business as well. Do your cars or bikes cumulate at some places more than others? Do you need to transport them from A to B? With our unique algorithm and network of verified commuters, we can help you do that.

More innovation

Interested in bringing innovation to public transportation? Check out other projects from Y4PT 2017 hackathon in Montréal. They can help you with air pollution measurement (Air4), educating and motivating children to use public transportation (Ditch) or 3D navigation in metro stations (UpWay).